When Holy Spirit administrators – especially Tammie Marceleno, Outreach Coordinator for Holy Spirit asked Knight Hands to “spruce up” the food pantry room, David Dybala, Director of Knight Hands said “sure”. 

And so on Saturday morning November 19th around 7:30am eleven (11) Knights gathered to do the job.  The job entailed dismantling the present shelving, adding new and improved lighting, added more electrical outlets, move one storage rack and after painting reinstall it, clean up the four walls and then paint the room.  With wrenches and screw guns the old shelving was taken down and disassembled and discarded.  Bolts end protruding from the cement wall were cut off and the walls were scrapped and caulked in preparation for painting. 

While this was going Hector Rubio, our resident electrician was installing new ceiling lights and adding electrical outlets.  After taping off the room around the door casings and other objects the painting began with a couple guys using rollers and even more guys using brushes to ‘cut-in” at the ceiling line and around the floor moulding and the door casings. 

All went swimmingly and by 11:30 the bulk of the work was complete – just a few electrical tasks on Monday.  In total Knight Hands worked about 54 hours to complete this task.  A huge “thank you” goes out to:  Jose Montoya    Deacon Al Evans   Larry Balagna    David Dybala    Hector Rubio    Efrain Ochoa    Marc Evans    Arthur Rodriguez    Dan Murphy    Jack Ramsden   and Russell LeRoy.  You men did a terrific job.