Let’s Get Ready to Rummage!

Lecturer Jim Russell and Grand Knight Frank Salazar inspecting the clothes racks.
Lecturer Jim Russell and Grand Knight Frank Salazar inspecting the clothes racks.

Come on Rummage Sales, we are ready for you!

Elidio Marcelino and Rey EstrellasThank you brother Knights for making our work of setting up the gymnasium floor for the upcoming rummage sales this past Saturday morning feel like a walk in the park. So many of you showed up with tools and tool belts, gloves and even knee pads, ready to go to work. But most importantly everyone brought with them a great attitude and we all enjoyed the camaraderie of working closely with our brother Knights, even as we struggled through the assembly of those tricky clothes racks.

A special thanks to the ladies who accompanied their spouses and worked alongside them, or in Belinda’s case, her dad Bennie Sikorski.


Here’s a listing of those in attendance:

  1. Jack Anderson & wife Teddie (a.k.a. Ms. Rummage Sales)
  2. Chris Anyaibe
  3. Billy Callender
  4. Cindy Dover
  5. John Espree & grandson Jeremiah
  6. Rey Estrellas
  7. Mike Fitzgerald
  8. Andy Goza
  9. Tom Greco
  10. Tim Hart
  11. Francisco Hernandez
  12. Gerry Jacob
  13. Robert Johnston
  14. Doug Karpan
  15. Elidio Marcelino
  16. Pat May
  17. Dan Murphy
  18. Ed O’Brien
  19. Efrain Ochoa
  20. Jim Ouimet
  21. Jack Ramsden & wife Juanita
  22. Ray Rivera
  23. Jorge Ruiz
  24. Jim Russell & wife Mary
  25. Frank Salazar, Grand Knight
  26. Bennie Sikorski & daughter Belinda
  27. Doug Skierski
  28. Steve Zehnder

Thanks also goes to the Rummage Sales team for providing donuts, a pizza lunch and cold drinks to keep us energized, they too worked very hard today.

Thank you all again, we are proud of your service.

Frank Salazar,
Grand Knight


Mike Firtzgerald assembling clothes rackPat May and GK Frank Salazar inspect clothes rack

All photography by Andy Goza


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Robert Johnston, Tim Hart and Jim Ouimet

Bennie Sikorski with daughter Belinda

Jim Ouimet

Raymond Rivera

Jorge, Gerry Jacob and Pat May