Meals for Cedar Hill Police

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Meals for Cedar Hill Police Department

In a show of support and appreciation for the risky, often dangerous job police officers perform on a daily basis to keep our communities safe and free from crime, our council prepared and delivered meals to the Cedar Hill Police Department.

In order to serve all the members of the Cedar Hill Police Department while they are on duty in different shifts and rotations, we provided lunch for some of the staff at midday and then dinner later that evening on Tuesday, we repeated the process Wednesday. We made four deliveries for a total of 100 individually packed meals consisting of a hamburger; a hot dog; a bag of chips; a bag of cookies; fresh lettuce, tomatoes, onions and pickles; and all the condiments and napkins. A few cases of bottled water accompanied the meals. A last minute addition was boxes of power bars for a late night snack, which officers could easily take along with them while on patrol.

On Tuesday, October 13, 2020 at 8:00 AM we met at Holy Spirit Catholic Church and knights Efrain Ochoa and David Ybarra grilled enough burgers and hot dogs for 100 police officers while Jack Ramsden, Jim Russell, James Smith and GK Jorge Ruiz took care of the other preparations such as cutting fresh vegetables and packing all the condiments. Finally in an assembly line style we packed all the food in paper bags and aluminum trays and loaded the vehicles for our delivery.

When we arrived at the Cedar Hill Police Department on Uptown Blvd. just south of FM 1382 we were greeted by Ms. Malinda Nicholson, Executive Assistant to CHPD Chief of Police Ely Reyes. Ms. Nicholson graciously provided a large cart to help make our delivery quick and easy. Several Police Officers were present to receive the meals and they could not have been more kind and appreciative of our efforts. They insisted that we all come in and pose for photos with them.

Although the meals were but a small token of our appreciation for their service in our communities, their expression of gratitude towards us filled our hearts with gladness and joy. We left with the satisfaction of knowing they would enjoy a good tasting meal and that they would know our community has their back too.

Throughout this pandemic our Knights have continued to lead in service in our parish and community as Hospitality Ministers and as Knight Hands helping neighbors. Thank you for your service brothers.