Knights Serving as Hospitality Ministers


Thanks in large part to the efforts of our council’s Family Director David Dybala, the knights have stepped up to help the church reopen by serving as Hospitality Ministers. When called to the challenge, David Dybala, our September Knight of the Month, did not hesitate and immediately began organizing and recruiting knights for the roles. As of today we can proudly announce that out of the 36 total volunteers there are 31 knights on the list to serve in this crucial role during our church’s efforts to reopen with limited services in this time of restricted social distancing.

Knight Hospitality Ministers

David Dybala
David Dybala, Family Director
  1. Keith Archer
  2. John Balasa
  3. Billy Callender
  4. David Dybala
  5. Mike Fitzgerald
  6. Russell Gully
  7. Gamaliel Hernandez
  8. Wendell Jeanpierre
  9. Doug Karpan
  10. Dan Keough
  11. Rod Kinard
  12. Chris Kubin
  13. Carlos Limones
  14. Jeff Miller
  15. Mike Moloughney
  16. Roberto Nieto
  17. Peter Perta
  18. Ramon Presas
  19. Jack Ramsden
  20. Ken Rarick
  21. Allen Reitmeier
  22. Raymond Rivera
  23. John Rizo
  24. Jorge Ruiz
  25. James Russell
  26. James Smith
  27. Rolando Sobalvarro
  28. Mario Tiambeng
  29. Robert Tovar
  30. La’Don Wright
  31. David Ybarra

Holy Spirit Catholic Church is currently using an online software package by Rotunda Software called Ministry Scheduler Pro to help automate the scheduling process, with brother knight Deacon Paul Wood as our main contact. There are currently four weekly mass services scheduled, one on Saturday evening at 5:30 PM and three on Sunday starting with 9 AM, 12 Noon-Spanish and 5:30 PM. We still need more help and if you wish to volunteer, please send Deacon Paul an email so he can give you access to register into the system. There you will be able to select from a list of available times that suit you best.

Requirements for HM’s

Requirements for volunteers include completion of the Safe Environment Program and following the new HM guidelines set in place by the parish.